What is keraphlex?

keraphlex is a novel protein-based active ingredient complex. As an additive in blonding cream, of a colour preparation or in the perming process, keraphlex protects against hair damage. As a spa treatment keraphlex repairs existing hair damage.



keraphlex product family


keraphlex Protection & Care

Step 1

The protective shield for the hair. keraphlex Step 1 is the high-dose active ingredient concentrate that protects the hair during bleaching and enables results that would be unthinkable without protection. Brightening up to 9 steps (by multiple bleaching in succession) or bleaching or reshaping of damaged hair are possible without prolonging the exposure time of the bleaching.

Step 2

Strengthening for the hair. keraphlex Step 2 strengthens the hair after bleaching or reshaping. During the application time, the hair can be cut or left under the Climazon to enhance the Step 2 effect. The hair becomes soft and supple.

Step 3

The perfector for the home. keraphlex Step 3 is the spa treatment for the home, it maintains the effect and strengthens the hair until the next application. Recommended use: Once or twice a week, exposure time at least 10 minutes.



All-round protection and care thanks to the Kera-Protect complex. keraphlex Cleansing Shampoo is suitable for daily use due to its mild formula. Protein building blocks penetrate the hair, care for it and prevent hair breakage. The special color protection keeps the coloration longer in the hair and increases the luminosity visible.


Vegetable-based protein building blocks penetrate the hair, nourish it and
prevent hair breakage. The 2-phase treatment noticeably improves the hair structure thanks to the Kera-Protect complex, supplies the hair with the necessary moisture and noticeably strengthens it.
The included colour protection keeps the colouring in the hair longer, visibly increases the luminosity and prevents premature washing out.
Shiny hair, healthy tips and improved combability are the result.

Instant Protector Care Spray

The keraphlex Care Spray is the ideal supplement to the keraphlex Step3 Perfector. The multi-faceted, protein-based system acts directly on the hair fiber. The hair is significantly strengthened and provided with the necessary moisture. A special color protection keeps the coloration longer in the hair and visibly increases the luminosity. The result: shiny hair, healthy tips and improved combability.

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Three power care products to get to know and for on the go:

Shampoo, spray and intensive treatment.


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