keraphlex Oil Treatment

  • Intensive care

  • Anti-Frizz-Effect

  • Silky gloss

  • soft, smooth hair


NEW: keraphlex #ice_blond

Against yellow tinge – protects against hair breakage


The No Yellow Shampoo with extra protection for your hair.
For blonde, bleached, streaked or grey hair. Arctic Color molecules mattify the unwanted yellow tone and provide a cool arctic blonde. The contained Kera-Protect-Complex counteracts damage to the hair and rebuilds the structure from the inside out. Grey hair supports the pure white effect. The hair is perfectly matted, nourished and appears ice-blond.

Instructions for use: Work shampoo into damp hair and lather. (Use gloves). Leave for 2-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Aftercare with #ice_blond Conditioner / #ice_blond 2-Phase.


keraphlex #ice_blond Conditioner for blonde, bleached, streaked or grey hair. The contained Kera-Protect-Complex counteracts a damage of the molecular compounds of the hair and supplies it with sufficient moisture. Arctic Color molecules mattify the unwanted yellow tone and provide a cool arctic blonde. Grey hair supports the pure white effect. Result: perfectly groomed, strong, shiny hair.

Instructions for use: apply keraphlex #ice_blond conditioner to damp hair and work in. Contact time 5-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. For an even stronger care effect use #ice_blond 2-phase spray.

2-phase treatment

For blonde, bleached, streaked or grey hair. Strong all-round protection and significant care by the well-known Kera-Protect-Complex. The hair becomes easy to comb and gets an outstanding shine and grip. The lack of moisture is added to the hair fibre and the colour protection it contains enhances the hair's luminosity.

Instructions for use: Spray on towel-dried hair washed with keraphlex #ice_blond shampoo and work in. DO NOT RINSE! For a long-lasting care in combination with the keraphlex #ice_blond conditioner.


Keraphlex #ice_blond

  • Innovative active ingredient complex

  • Spectacular results

  • Perfect care

  • Concentrated active ingredient content


What is keraphlex?

keraphlex is a novel protein-based active ingredient complex. As an additive in blonding cream, of a colour preparation or in the perming process, keraphlex protects against hair damage. As a spa treatment keraphlex repairs existing hair damage.



keraphlex product family


keraphlex Protection & Care

Step 1

The protective shield for the hair. keraphlex Step 1 is the high-dose active ingredient concentrate that protects the hair during bleaching and enables results that would be unthinkable without protection. Brightening up to 9 steps (by multiple bleaching in succession) or bleaching or reshaping of damaged hair are possible without prolonging the exposure time of the bleaching.

Step 2

Strengthening for the hair. keraphlex Step 2 strengthens the hair after bleaching or reshaping. During the application time, the hair can be cut or left under the Climazon to enhance the Step 2 effect. The hair becomes soft and supple.

Step 3

The perfector for the home. keraphlex Step 3 is the spa treatment for the home, it maintains the effect and strengthens the hair until the next application. Recommended use: Once or twice a week, exposure time at least 10 minutes.



All-round protection and care thanks to the Kera-Protect complex. keraphlex Cleansing Shampoo is suitable for daily use due to its mild formula. Protein building blocks penetrate the hair, care for it and prevent hair breakage. The special color protection keeps the coloration longer in the hair and increases the luminosity visible.


Vegetable-based protein building blocks penetrate the hair, nourish it and
prevent hair breakage. The 2-phase treatment noticeably improves the hair structure thanks to the Kera-Protect complex, supplies the hair with the necessary moisture and noticeably strengthens it.
The included colour protection keeps the colouring in the hair longer, visibly increases the luminosity and prevents premature washing out.
Shiny hair, healthy tips and improved combability are the result.

Instant Protector Care Spray

The keraphlex Care Spray is the ideal supplement to the keraphlex Step3 Perfector. The multi-faceted, protein-based system acts directly on the hair fiber. The hair is significantly strengthened and provided with the necessary moisture. A special color protection keeps the coloration longer in the hair and visibly increases the luminosity. The result: shiny hair, healthy tips and improved combability.

Now for a short time: The keraphlex hair care power pack



Three power care products to get to know and for on the go:

Shampoo, spray and intensive treatment.


Now at your hair salon!

You like to offer keraphlex in in your salon?



How is keraphlex used?

keraphlex intervenes in three steps during bleaching or application: Directly during bleaching/forming, after rinsing and regularly at home.

Application as additive for bleaching, dyeing or forming


- Prepare your bleaching or colouring according to the manufacturer's instructions.

- Add Step 1 to your colour preparation and mix thoroughly.


Apply the preparation to the hair as usual.

Observe the exposure time of the bleaching or colouring according to the manufacturer's instructions.

keraphlex does not prolong the application time!


Rinse hair well and shampoo.

Dry the hair with a towel.

Apply Step 2 from the roots to the tips and work in well.

Leave for 10 minutes, rinse and continue as usual.

Use as an additive for perming

For forming or perm applications, apply Step 1 after washing out the well lotion. Alternatively with spray or application bottle (mix 1:3 e.g. 4 ml Step 1 with 12 ml water.) Apply the fixation and then apply Step 2. Allow to work in for 5 to 10 minutes, rinse and continue as usual.

Dosage Step 1 A: Bleaching and light dyeing

30ml- 60ml colour formulation
+5 to 9 ml Step 1

61ml- 120ml colour formulation
+10 to 14 ml Step 1

120ml- 180ml colour formulation
+15 to 22ml Step 1

Dosage Step 1 B: permanent/semipermanent Coloration

30ml- 60ml colour formulation
+3 to 5ml Step 1

61ml- 120ml colour formulation
+6 to 8ml Step 1

121ml- 180ml colour formulation
+9 to 11ml Step 1

Use as a cure or immediate aid for severely damaged hair

Curative treatment

Apply Step 2 from the roots to the tips and work in well.

During the application time the hair can be cut.

For intensive care and the customer experience Step 2 under the influence of heat (Climazone).

Application times

Normale hair

10 minutes

Fine, bleached or dyed hair

2 to 5 minutes

Very strong, pigment rich coloration

5 to 10 minutes


Immediate aid

For very damaged hair, mix step 1 with step 2 in a ratio of 1:7 (1 ml step 1 to 7 ml step 2)

Apply the mixture from the roots to the tips and work thoroughly into the hair.

Allow the mixture to work for 10 minutes under the influence of heat (climatic zone).

Rinse thoroughly and continue as usual.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

No, you can use Keraphlex in all chemical treatments such as bleaching, colouring or perming to protect your hair. It can also be used as intensive care („immediate help“).

Yes, you can also use Keraphlex for colouring with natural colours.

The required amount of Step 2 depends on the hair length. Step 2 is dosed in the same way as a conventional hair treatment.

Yes, Keraphlex Step 2 replaces the herbal acid after bleaching, coloration or perming.

WThe heat does not increase the effect of step 1. Using Step 2 (in the salon with Climazon) & Step3 (at home with a towel) heat supports the effect of the caring and repairing ingredients.

A filled pipette contains 1 ml (equivalent to approximately 1 g) of Step 1, so if “ 3 ml“ is specified, add 3 filled pipettes.

Yes, you can add Keraphlex to any bleaching/coloration or perm from any manufacturer.

Yes, Keraphlex does not contain any products of animal origin.

Yes, keraphlex contains very low concentrations of silicone. Due to its effect as a synthetic oil, silicone provides shine and better combability. It can repair damaged, split ends of hair by adhering to brittle areas. The hair becomes smoother, smoother and the light is reflected better.

In Keraphlex we use a multi-faceted vegetable protein complex, which also contains a very high-quality water-soluble silicone. This unique combination of active ingredients has exactly this ability, namely to repair the hair from the inside as well as from the outside. With this selected synthetic oil we use its properties as a film former. This film is removed when hair is washed. The concentration in step 3 is less than one percent.

No. Keraphlex contains no harmful ingredients and is not harmful or irritating when used externally. Allergies to individual ingredients are not excluded and Keraphlex is not suitable for consumption.

No, Keraphlex is free of parabens, sulphates, MCI / MI, formaldehyde, PEGs and Triclosan.

No, Keraphlex has no influence on the reaction time. Use your preparation according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

No, Keraphlex has no influence on the oxidant. Use your preparation according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Apply the immediate aid every 4-6 weeks, depending on hair condition. For very fine hair that is quickly over-cared for, leave out the preparations by 5 cm and do not allow the immediate aid to take effect for longer than 15 minutes. If the procedure is to be repeated at short notice, wait for at least three shampoos.

This can happen to very fine hair. Then reduce the exposure time or the frequency of application. A possible over-care effect disappears with normal hair wash.

For multi-stage treatments, e.g. colouring after bleaching, you can use Step 1 in all stages. Do not use Step 2 until the end of the last chemical process.

Yes, extensions are no problem at all. As with all hair treatments, do not apply to the joints.

Yes, Keraphlex can be applied to all hair types. Whether in natural curls, strong or fine hair. Also for African hair or Asian hair.

No, Keraphlex works on a protein basis. The smallest proteins can penetrate the hair fibre and give new structure to the areas to be repaired. The large protein building blocks are deposited on the hair fiber and repair the damaged cuticle layer.

No, Keraphlex is not a scalp tonic. Please use the steps only according to the instructions for use.

For special, unusual application questions, we recommend that you test it yourself:
Simply remove an old extension strand from the stock and perform the desired test.
Simply follow the instructions for use of Keraphlex and its preparation. We would be very pleased if you would let us know the test result.



Anwendungstabelle At a glance all application possibilities with the corresponding dosage instructions for printing out.

Salon Flyer

keraphlex Faltflyer Salon The folding flyer for hairdressing salons.



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